GEM: About GEM

GEM is for everyone interested in learning through museums and heritage


GEM champions excellence in heritage learning to improve the education, health and well-being of the general public.


GEM believes that:


What does GEM do? 

At GEM, we believe that our heritage provides distinctive opportunities for learning.  We aim to make that learning accessible, relevant and enjoyable to all.  This is what we do to make that happen:


GEM helps you:



GEM produces a variety of publications including


Who belongs to GEM?

GEM membership is open to anyone interested in learning through museums and heritage.  This includes museums, galleries, country houses, heritage sites, urban and countryside interpretative centres, science centres, schools and universities.  Members may be full-time educators or other staff with an educational role who interpret the environment, sites and collections in a wide variety of ways, promoting and exploiting their full potential as learning resources.


Who runs GEM?

The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for policy, annual budgets, and financial and professional probity. There are six elected and up to three co-opted trustees.

Area Groups are independent associations affiliated to GEM which pursue the same objectives as GEM. They represent geographical areas and have regular meetings that explore relevant issues, provide CPD and encourage networking.

Administrative support for GEM is provided by GEMSO - the GEM Support Office.