GEM: Bursaries


GEM awards bursaries to GEM members to explore an aspect of heritage education: a research bursary of up to £1,500 and a travel bursary of up to £1,000.  


On completion of the project, successful applicants are required to submit a 3,000 word article which GEM may publish in the Journal of Education in Museums and/or the GEM website.  Applicants are also encouraged to disseminate their experiences further to benefit the wider museum profession.


Please note that no bursaries will be available in 2016.



The general aims of the GEM Bursaries are to:



It is intended that the Research Bursary will be used to investigate a contemporary issue or concern within museum education, and that the conclusions reached will be of practical use to museum educators in general and GEM members in particular.  The Research Bursary will not be awarded to subsidise the costs of academic research as part of a degree course.


The Research Bursary will be awarded for research costs including associated travel up to £1,500.



The Travel Bursary will be awarded to support continuing professional development by allowing a GEM member to see other ways of working in his or her selected field.


The Travel Bursary will be awarded for travel and accommodation costs up to £1,000.


Please note that neither Bursary award is intended to be used simply for conference fees or associated travel.


Applications are welcomed from all GEM members who wish to embark on an innovative project linked to an aspect of museum education which satisfies the above aims and guidelines.


Current Research


GEM news and the Journal of Education in Museums contain reports and research papers. Selected items are available here


Researching Museum Education

A Journal of Education in Museums (JEM)

published annually by Group for Education in Museums.

GEM members each receive one JEM free each year. Past copies of JEM are on sale to anyone, except the most recent JEM which is not sold to non-members until it becomes a back-issue.

JEM includes lengthier and more wide-ranging articles on current research and topics such as the use of handling or costume collections. It also usually incorporates regular updates of the GEM Bibliography (see above).

"Interactive art exhibitions for families"    (large file)
Moira Simpson

This is an illustrated summary of a report of a research trip to the USA funded by a GEM research travel grant to examine developments in the presentation of interactive art exhibitions designed for children and families. The full article entitled "Interactive art exhibitions: an overview of developments in the USA" can be read in Issue 22 of the Journal of Education in Museums (2001).

The University Bookshop

The University Bookshop, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester (Tel 0116 2523000) produces a mail order list of an extensive selection of books relating to museum studies amongst which are many on museum education. The Department of Museum Studies also publishes:



You could enquire whether your research quest could be advertised through such outlets as:



You may wish to interview specific museum education officers to find out more about their ideas and philosophies. Some may be able to send you their departmental policy papers and samples of the materials they produce for use with the public or publicity purposes, in advance of your meeting. All will appreciate you taking time to sift as much of the general information as you can in advance of the visit, and that you define your needs or specific areas of interest very clearly.


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