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GEM Conference 2016 - Edinburgh Edinburgh

Adapt and Thrive

Weathering the impact of change
on cultural learning.

GEM's 2016 conference sought the answers to two key questions:

The conference helped us to think about change in new ways, understand its impact and explore how museum learning can thrive in challenging times. Hearing about current research, sustainability strategies or inspirational projects, Adapt and Thrive was relevant and engaging for heritage professionals from management level to career-entry.


We were delighted to have the following keynote speakers:


Museum without borders - Robert Janes

Robert Janes produced a thought-provoking video, which was premiered during conference on 1 September 2016.  The video touches on the idea that museums need to move beyond their so-called "neutrality" and tackle the serious issues facing the world.  Do we need to redefine the meaning of education in museums to succeed in doing so?  Although they say it - do museums really believe that education is a key focus of musuems?  Is it a challenge to accept a definition of education wider than one of “it’s all about teaching school groups”?  These questions and more may need to be answered.  Watch his presentation below. 



Robert has worked in and around museums for the past 35 years as a director, consultant, author, editor, archaeologist, board member, teacher and volunteer.  He champions museums as important social institutions - capable of making a difference in their communities and in the lives of individuals. 


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