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GEM Conference 2016 - Edinburgh

Adapt and Thrive

Weathering the impact of change on cultural learning.

GEM's 2016 conference is seeking answers to two key questions:

The conference will help us to think about change in new ways, understand its impact and explore how museum learning can thrive in these challenging times. Whether it’s hearing about current research, sustainability strategies or inspirational projects, Adapt and Thrive will be relevant and engaging for heritage professionals from management level to career-entry.

We are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers:

It feels as though heritage education is under threat, with many budgets being cut and roles restructured or lost altogether. The temptation is to hide away from austerity and hope that the changes won’t affect us, but maybe it’s the right time to reach outwards, to experiment and take risks. This conference aims to identify and share the opportunities that change can bring.


The following “threads” will be explored throughout the conference:

The GEM 2016 conference will help everyone involved in managing or delivering museum, heritage or cultural learning to reflect on how we can best respond to change, and maintain the value and quality of what we do. We shall also explore strategies that can improve the resilience of our organisations. These are particularly pertinent issues at a time when the cultural and heritage bodies that support us are developing their own survival strategies.

We are now taking bookings. 


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