GEM: Intermediate courses

GEM Intermediate Courses

Are you finding the training you need to sharpen and broaden your skills as a heritage learning professional?   GEM is developing a series of GEM intermediate courses, aimed at supporting the professional development of mid-career heritage educators.   These courses will address the core competencies identified by GEM, and help to raise professional standards in the sector.


Each course begins about one week before a workshop with a training needs analysis, some reading and a few short activities to be completed prior to the workshop. The workshop will include time for reflection, networking and the building of a peer support group. After the workshop there will be follow-up activities and support to reinforce and embed your learning. On satisfactory completion of each course, participants will be awarded a certificate.


Find out more by following each intermediate course link below:

Heritage Interpretation - bookings now open!

Working with Artists in Heritage Settings

Health and Wellbeing

Essentials of Leadership

Fundraising and Income Generation



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