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GEM believes that involvement with our rich and diverse heritage is an enriching and transformational experience that provides distinctive opportunities for learning.  We aim to make that learning accessible, relevant and enjoyable for all.


GEM Foundation Course: Museum Learning

Pilot: Autumn 2014
Course director: John Reeve, IOE, University of London
13 & 14 October; 3 & 4 November; 1 & 2 December 2014

                              Just a few places left!

This course is intended for those in their first year or so of their museum education career; or for those already working in a different part of the heritage sector but wishing to take up an education position.  Since this is a work-based course, it is a requirement that students should be working or volunteering in the heritage sector.

Students will be encouraged to work together and form a self-help group throughout the three months of the course.  Each student will have a mentor and will be required to maintain a work-based reflective journal throughout the course.  There will be six full days of training and site visits, and students will need to complete work-based assignments.

Each pair of days will comprise a range of seminars, workshops and visits.  One day of each pair will be entirely museum-based. Among the topics to be explored:
Readings will be given for each session.