Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto 
                                                                                         Updated 22 June 2009


The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) initiative has developed significantly over the past three years.

Out and About Guidance and CPD modules for schools and other groups of young learners are now available at www.lotc.org.uk. These resources make clear that LOtC has significant learning benefits for participants and also explore how it can be successfully delivered so that more young people develop their knowledge, understanding and skills beyond the classroom walls.

The LOtC Quality Badge was launched in January 2009, providing for the first time a national accreditation combining the essential elements of provision – learning and safety – into one easily recognisable and trusted Quality Badge for all types of LOtC provider organisations. More and more providers are now signing up to the badge, giving schools and other groups of young learners a much better of idea of the great range of good quality learning experiences on offer. For more information, visit www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk.

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is now fully established as the leading voice for LOtC, committed to promoting and championing LOtC, to enable all young people to benefit from increased opportunities for high-quality and varied educational experiences. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom works closely with its advisory group and the sector partnerships to ensure that the LOtC initiative continues to benefit from the experience and expertise of all its stakeholders.

GEM continues to be involved with the Heritage Sector Partnership and is the key point of contact for the heritage sector regarding LOtC and the Quality Badge. In partnership with the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, GEM has recently produced a Quality Badge Frequently Asked Questions document, which can be downloaded here. This should help to answer some practical queries regarding the badge scheme.



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