GEM: Networking

GEM Networking

Members value GEM because it offers them excellent networking opportunities, and we consider it to be one of our most important roles as an organisation.


Conferences, national training days and regional training days are highly valued as members can meet up with one another, keep in touch with who is doing what and discovering what is new.  In addition, members can get help and guidance on particular problems by talking to friends old and new.  View our area events here.


GEM email discussion list - it's free to join!

This list is for discussion of issues in museum education.  It is primarily intended for members of GEM, and users of the list are expected to be GEM members. 


To subscribe please go to OR just email the following:

join gem Firstname Secondname

Please make sure there isn’t anything else in the message, such as a signature, as this can confuse the listserv system.  If you have any difficulty, contact


GEM Forum - coming soon!