GEM: Projects



GEM/SMC Grass Roots Project

The Scottish Museums Council and the Group for Education in Museums worked in partnership on a project to increase and enhance the learning services that their museum and gallery members offer.


The innovative Grass Roots project provided practical support to museums and galleries throughout Scotland. 


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Building a Learning Legacy

BALL was a project funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and is a partnership between CyMAL, Swansea Museum and GEM which has as its key aim the sharing of ideas and expertise amongst museums in Wales, in particular those who may not have dedicated learning teams or have recently extended their learning work.

Over a two year period, four organised skill networking events took place, producing resources such as 'handy guides' and a pool of 'problem solvers' who shared their particular areas of expertise.

Year 1's training events included:
A Starter Kit For Learning In Museums & What Teachers Want From a Museum visit.
Year 2's training events included:
A Starter Kit Plus & New Ways Of Working With Schools


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Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is about raising achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance. This is not only about what we learn but importantly how and where we learn.

The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) initiative has developed significantly over the past years.

Out and About Guidance and CPD modules for schools and other groups of young learners are now available at These resources make clear that LOtC has significant learning benefits for participants and also explores how it can be successfully delivered so that more young people develop their knowledge, understanding and skills beyond the classroom walls.


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Sounding Out Your Heritage

The SOYH project brought together groups of over-60s from a wide variety of backgrounds across Kent and Medway over a series of learning sessions.  These sessions provided learning support to the participants to help them explore an aspect of their heritage that interested them and produce a resource which would enable others to learn about their heritage too. 


Over the course of the sessions, it was intended that where possible learners would begin to develop a new skill or realise other opportunities for learning which could help to sustain their informal learning activity in the future.  Learning goals for each individual were identified and supported.


The achievements of the learners were celebrated at an end of project event and the resources they have produced are being made widely available.  The project was evaluated, and best practice as well as lessons learned from the project are being widely disseminated.


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