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These practical resources are designed for use by museum and heritage education practitioners who may be working with a wide range of audiences.


They were drafted from 2006-2009, but much of the wealth of information given here continues to be both relevant and useful. All external links were checked November 2012. Please notify the GEM office of any problems.


Many of these resources are the result of projects such as Grass Roots (funded by Museums Galleries Scotland), Building a Learning Legacy (funded by CyMAL), Sounding Out Your Heritage (funded by BIS) and Learning Outside the Classroom (funded by DfE).


The resources from Grass Roots and Building a Learning Legacy are indexed below and we shall be indexing those from other projects over the next few weeks. For more resources, please visit the Sounding Out Your Heritage and Learning Outside the Classroom sections of this website. Alternatively, if you are after a particular resource (for example, a learning strategy) try using the search box in the top right corner of this page.


Types of resource include:


There is also an extensive resource on funding.

Shortcuts to the major resources on the GEM website

The Links section refers mainly to external sites about museums, education and lifelong learning.


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